Speil, Rudolph Ballade for Flute, Cello (Horn) and Piano

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Ballade for Flute, Cello (Horn) and Piano

for flute, cello (horn) and Piano

The search for information about the composer Rudolph Speil is very difficult, as it is as if he never existed. There are different assumptions about the dates of his life, and it is unclear which of the two Speils might be meant here. One year of birth is given as 1840, but this is more of an approximation. Rudolph Speil is known to have conducted the opening concert of the subscription concerts in Detroit in 1887, and he also appeared there later as a conductor. The connection between Detroit and this Ballade for flute, horn or cello and piano is that the piece was printed in Detroit in 1882. That is all the information that is available, at least for the moment.

This romantic ballad by Rudolph Speil must have been very successful at the time, since arrangements were printed in all kinds of instrumentations. This is quite understandable, since Speil's ballad is a palatable salon piece that is still very effective today and is highly recommended as an encore monzette for any programme with this trio.

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